Dedicated to the members of the Port Washington Fire Department and Port Washington Police Department past and present for the vital services they have rendered to our community. 

Name                                        Company                                               Date of Death

FM Ingrid M. Sowle             Fire Medic Company #1                        February 20, 1990

CPT Robert H. Dayton        Flower Hill Hose Company #1               November 26, 1988

FF John C. Dargan              Flower Hill Hose Company #1               April 11, 1953

FF James J. Doyle, Jr.        Protection Engine Company #1             November 10, 1947

FF Daniel C. Henderson     Atlantic Hook & Ladder Company #1  July 29, 1943

PO Elbert Stuyvesant         Port Washington Police Department      July 8, 1924

FF James E. Davis               Atlantic Hook & Ladder Company #1     August 19, 1892