Protection Engine Co. #1

Captain Robert Pape

1st Lieutenant Felicito Diaz

2nd Lieutenant Michael Sohn

Realizing the need for additional fire equipment and personnel on the peninsula, a group of concerned Port Washington citizens formed the Protection Engine Company #1 in the fall of 1891.

Headquartered on South Washington street with an Annex building on Channel Drive, Protection Engine Company #1 operates three Fire Engines (“pumpers”) that are each capable of pumping over 1,250 gallons of water per minute on to a fire.

Each of Protection’s and Flower Hill’s engines carry some 3000 feet of hoseline ranging in diameter from 1″ (“booster lines”) to 4″ (“supply lines”). At the scene of a fire, Protection and Flower Hill work as a team to provide the necessary agents for fire suppression. Effective fire suppression comes about as the result of successful coordination of the various companies operations.

Founded: 1892

Mascot: Rangers


Main House:

14 South Washington St
Port Washington, NY 11050-3216

(516) 767-0848




Channel Dr
Port Washington, NY 11050


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