Radio Information

You can listen to the PWFD live through’s online scanner feeds.

Please note W2LIE is an outside organization not affiliated with the PWFD.


Frequency Description
46.10 Dispatch Frequency
46.12 Truck to Truck / Truck to Dispatch Frequency
46.30 Tactical / Fire Police / EMS (For MCIs)
153.890 TAC-1
153.830 TAC-2
(Fireground Command)
153.770 TAC-3
(Truck to Truck / Secondary Dispatch)
Nassau County
EDAC Systems
Various 800MHz channels on the Nassau County trunked EDAC system

Alarm Type Meaning
General Phone alarm for a structure related fire or automatic
alarm in a building that is generally occupied by
a large number of people (i.e., hospital, nursing home, school)
Signal 8 Still / Automatic Alarm
(Car Fire, Brush Fire, Automatic Fire Alarm)
9 EMS/Medical Call
10 Working Structure Fire
(Used as an ‘upgrade’ signal only to
notify personnel of an actual working fire in progress)
All auto accidents are automatically transmitted as
“Auto Accident / Duty Company to respond”
For this type of alarm,
the Truck company sends 1 unit (8522 – Heavy Rescue),
and the EMS company sends 1 ambulance (either854, 8545, or 8546)
PWFD Uses a “duty company” system where the
two engine companies alternate on months as to who responds.
(i.e., Co. 2 will respond in January, and Co. 3 will respond in February, etc.) 
The truck company always sends 1 truck
The “duty” engine company sends 1 engine
The EMS company sends 1 ambulance

Signal Meaning
6 Standby at your position
6M Unit Standing by, awaiting manpower
7 Release manpower in firehouses
11 Call by landline
12 Situation Under Control
13 Return to quarters, call over
14 Police
14A Police Ambulance
14M Police for violent mental aided
15 Radio Check
18 Unit available for service
21 Unit enroute to call
22 Unit arrived at call
23 Message Received (same as 10-4)
39 Verify location of call
40 Location of unit
97 Given by 1st Due Ladder/1st Due Rescue instead of 22
98 Given by 2nd Due Engine instead of 22
Code 99 Cardiac Arrest / Multi-Trauma
(Additional EMS personnel to scene)