Flower Hill Hose Co. #1

Flower Hill Hose Company #1 is located across from the LIRR station and operates two state of the art KME pumpers.

The arrival of the LIRR to Port Washington in 1898 shifted the town’s population and caused a building boom. Realizing the need for an additional fire company Frederick J. Snow along with other citizens organized Flower Hill Hose Co #1 on February 23, 1905. Frederick J. Snow, a retired Brooklyn Fire Dept. Chief, went on to become Flower Hill’s first Captain and the PWFD’s first Chief of Department.

Engine 856 responds from Flower Hill and Engine 855 responds from Atlantic Hook & Ladder Co #1s Main House. In addition to 856 Flower Hill Hose Company #1’s firehouse stores three water rescue boats and 8525, a fire-police unit.

Both of Flower Hill Hose Company #1’s pumpers have the capability of “pre-piped foam”, a process where water and a foam agent are mixed automatically by the pumper when required for situations and conditions ere the application of water is not suitable.

Each of Protection and Flower Hill’s trucks carry some 3000 feet of hoseline ranging in diameter from 1″ (“booster lines”) to 4″ (“supply lines”). At the scene of a fire, Protection and Flower Hill work as a team to provide the necessary agents for fire suppression. Effective fire suppression comes about as the result of successful coordination of the various companies operations.

Founded: 1905

Mascot: Runts

855 – Engine – 2003 KME  (Previous 855, 1968 Crusader)
856 – Engine – 2005 KME
858 – Utility SUV – 2012 Chevy Suburban
859 – Utility SUV 2003 Ford Excursion

Main House:

12 Haven Ave
Port Washington, NY 11050-3602
(516) 767-0009


Flower Hill Firefighters and Engine 856 during December 2010’s massive snowstorm.